News Briefs

The Strategy Journal
All trainers are invited to submit information, articles, and success stories. This new bi-weekly publication is designed to keep our Trainers current with new developments ­at the Science of  Strategy Institute and informed about the state of the science. Subscriptions are available at a nominal monthly fee to non-trainers.

New Trainer
Jan Glinski is our newest trainer, licensed for France. Jan comes to us with a business background primarily in the telecom/high tech. He started his business career as an assistant professor. Most recently he has been working as a consultant/trainer primarily in sales in association with SalesLab. Jan works in France, Singapore, and Poland. Like many of our trainers, he also practices the martial arts.

Sales Warrior On-Line
Expanding on the success of our Warrior Class on-line training, we have added the Sales Warrior Class on-line training. Login to your account to review the lessons, and download the workbook.

Annual Re-Licensing Free
The annual licensing free for  2008 for Independent Trainers will be $249.95.  Master Trainers pay no fee.

Next Trainers’ Conference
We have scheduled the next Institute trainers’ conference for the week of September 22, 2008 in Las Vegas. We expect to have activities all five days.

New Institute Web Sites
If you haven’t had a chance to visit, you should do so. We have completely redesigned everything to correspond with our new market focus.

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