Sun Tzu's The Art of War plus The Art of Sales (for the Sales Warrior)

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Two books in one! The complete text of The Art of War PLUS a special adaptation for strategically developing your sales territory. This was Gary Gagliardi's first adaptation of Sun Tzu, written for the salespeople of his own software company that became one of the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America. The sales methods presented in this book follow Sun Tzu's principles line by line, with the complete text of The Art of War  In the PDF, the Art of War is on the left-hand pages, and the sales adaptation, Sales Warrior, on the facing right-hand pages. In the .EPUB and .MOBI formats, each stanza of The Art of War is followed by the stanza adapted for salespeople. Readers get both the proven philosophy that has survived 2,500 years and a practical sales adaptation of those ideas.


"Two books in one, this re-translating of Sun Tzu’s classic warfare text, The Art of War, runs side by side with Gagliardi’s application of it to the business of selling. Both are excellent guides to their subject...the material it delivers provides the weapons any sales professional needs to achieve his or her mission and win."
F. JOHN REH, Guide to Management

"In these hectic and competitive times, you always need to know better ways to sell. The Art of War for the Sales Warrior is full of techniques that you can read about on your way to a sales call and use during your meeting. I’ve already recommended it to my clients."
JAN WALLEN, Consultant and Author of "CRM-Powered Selling" Column

"When you are in the trenches, The Art of War for the Sales Warrior gives you the strategy and tactics to pick your battles and win the war. A unique approach." 
MARJORIE BRODY, CSP, CMC, President, Brody Communications Ltd.

"One of the most unique and well-written sales books I have seen in many years. It is full of wisdom, power, and dignity. It stands in sharp contrast to the many hype-filled books on ‘sales motivation’ and the wimpy ‘new age’ books that rail on and on against the use of power and influence in selling. Sales Warrior is a breath of fresh air in the stale, stodgy world of sales training books."
DONALD J. MOINE, Ph.D., Sales Psychologist, Coauthor, Unlimited Selling Power,
Coauthor, Modern Persuasion Strategies: The Hidden Advantage in Selling