Winning through Training

You master Sun Tzu's Art of War Golden Key Strategy in the same way you master any martial art: by active training and practice. While you can learn about his nine formulas by reading books, 90% of his system deals with specific situations. Many of these situations will not be relevant whenever you happen to read one of our books. You are unlikely to remember them when you need them. Training gives you experience using these ideas so they more readily come to mind when you need them. Reading books, though that is a good start, cannot overcome a lifetime of not knowing how to make better choices. We train you in the martial art of competitive decision-making through training games and exercises in our online individual training. 

NOTE: Gary Gagliardi no longer offers live training programs for corporations. We still license our training materials, but we no longer maintain our worldwide trainer's network. For more information about trainer licensing, see this page.  

Comparing With Other Strategy Training

Training in Sun Tzu's strategy always makes other forms of strategic or sales training more valuable.

Strategy Training Games

Computerized, card, and board games that teach aspects of Sun Tzu's system. What we would really like to do is turn the entire Warrior Class course into a game, but the appropriate software doesn't yet exist.