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Our training clients include:

The Training Opportunity in Sun Tzu's Strategic System

NOTICE: Our Trainers Program is not Longer Active

We built an active, worldwide network of trainers sharing materials between 2002-2010. However, while we still offer our original training materials to those who are interested, we no longer maintain the network or the materials. This means that much of this website description is outdated. The program was discontinued primarily because I personally wanted to focus my efforts on writing rather program management. This lead allowed me time to develop the Golden Key, 9 Formulas, and Sun Tzu's Playbook worksNone of those works are reflected in these training materials. 

However, this means our licensing requirements are much less restrictive. We no longer require those licensing our materials to be proven training organizations. The license is a set fee, paid annually, the requires no other payments to SOSI for any training conducted.  

Those who are interested should contact me personally. 

Gary Gagliardi

Our program is a unique opportunity for those who train organizations. If you are currently using Sun Tzu's The Art of War in your training, it is an opportunity to work with like-minded people instead of working alone. If you are offering other forms of training, it is the opportunity to pursue an area of training that is at once very new and different and very old and proven.  Unlike most training, which tries to implement new organizational processes, the Science of Strategy Institute uses Sun Tzu's ideas to  teach people the competitive skills that they need to make good decisions on the front lines of business. The concept for our re-training people's responses to competitive situation goes back 2,500 years to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.  To learn about the goals of our training, view this quick flash tour of our Maturity Model.

The Science of Strategy Institute is an umbrella organization for individual trainers building their businesses teaching Sun Tzu's ideas. Rather than each of us reinventing the wheel separately, we are working together to create a unique and powerful form of training. Though Gary Gagliardi (America's leading authority on Sun Tzu, former INC. 500 CEO, corporate speaker, and multiple award-winning author) is the founder and head of the Institute, the direction of the organization's training programs is determined by what our trainers need to be successful in the marketplace.

We currently make joining our program very inexpensive, charging about one-twentieth  of what similar licensing programs for training material costs. We are doing this because we are just starting and we want to attract trainers, especially our Masters, who are willing to contribute to the program. Our goal is to make this first generation of trainers so financially successful that we can charge the next generation of trainers the types of outrageous fees that are the industry norm. 

Is this opportunity right for you? Where do you fit in? How do you apply? Our training programs Money-making products Our marketing system

We believe that this is a great opportunity for trainers. However, you may not agree. We only want those who believe in our mission. Read this article...

Whether you own a training business, train full- or part-time, or want to get into training, our Strategy Trainers program has a role for you. Read this article... Licensing is a simple 700-step process. Just kidding! It is only 7 steps, and it starts with a simple on-line application. But before you apply, read this short page... We offer three levels of standard training products plus additional training materials. You can learn more about them by visiting our Strategy Events website or read about them briefly here. You can make money speaking by selling products alone. We show you how to sell products profitably when you speak for free. We also help you learn how to create your own books, audios, and videos profitably. You get access to Gary Gagliardi's personal publicity system, our Affiliate system, and web marketing tools to create a machine for promoting your services and your products.

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