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Our training clients include:

The Marketing System

Speaking is, of course, a powerful form of marketing in its own right, but you best leverage the power of speaking through a more complete marketing system. It has two parts: the Web Marketing System and the Local Publicity System.

Your Web Marketing System

The Web Marketing System not only promotes your speaking/training business and your strategic expertise but captures the names and e-mail addresses of those who visit your site, sells products, promotes your upcoming presentations, and gives people an easy way to contact you for new presentations.

All Master Trainers are required to have an Institute web presence for their local market, and all Independent Trainers are encouraged to have one. We have performed a huge amount of research regarding successful web marketing, especially as it is used by professional speakers. Rather than teach you how to use this research, it seemed more practical to offer a system that implements it. To this end, we have finished a complete redesign of our own web sites to make it easier for us to provide elements that our licensed trainers can reuse in their own web marketing programs.

We offer content for web marketing, including most of the articles from our main Science of Strategy site and promotional items such as our free Art of War translation that promotes our products. If you are a Master Trainer, you will get a direct link to your site from our Strategy Events site.


Your Local Publicity System

After you develop your web presence and get some experience speaking, it is time to start up your Local Publicity System. This system is designed to get you regular appearances in the media, especially radio, of your local market. The Local Publicity System will channel people to your Web Marketing System, getting them into your sales funnel.

This program is built on leveraging Gary Gagliardi’s experience and credibility in offering strategic insights on the breaking news. Its goal is to eventually turn you into a local strategic expert, offering your own insights to your local media. Since war, politics, and other news about competitive struggles constantly require strategic insight, this is an unending source of free publicity.

For a complete description of this program, go to our Publicity Marketing Page.

Remember, you do publicity only when you have everything else in place, especially your Web Marketing System.




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