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Product Overview
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One advantage of joining the Institute is that you instantly get access to existing products and a channel for distributing any products that you develop.

The Institute, of course, offers a growing line of books, audios, videos, and on-line training products that you can sell and make money from immediately. As a trainer, our program allows you to sell our the Institute's products whether you carry a physical inventory or notMaster Trainers trainers outside of the US are encouraged to carry an inventory, not only of the English versions of our books, but the translated versions as well, so they can supply their local market. 

Our network also encourages our trainers to develop new products. As you develop your own courseware in the course of your training, we can pay you author's royalties for sales to our trainer network. If you want to write a book applying classical front-line strategy to your own area of expertise, as a publishing company, we can, of course, help you with that as well.



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