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Our training clients include:

Publicity System

Radio Producers' Database for Your Local Market (U.S. Trainers Only): This database is updated annually. It includes the names of producers, radio shows/stations, and all contact information, including e-mail addresses, fax numbers, and phone numbers. The database can be provided in a number of formats.

Segment Ideas: These are ideas for interviews on specific breaking news items. We will provide them on a regular basis, and trainers, over time, will share ideas with one another. They provide a novel spin on stories that are dominating the news. They provide producers with something new for hosts to talk about. They are all based on interviewing an expert.

On-Line Audio Training in Getting Publicity: We will put up several audios we have purchased over the years on how to work with the media, especially radio producers.

As they are loaded, the audios will be listed here.

Training as a Guest Expert: You start by promoting appearances by Gary in your local media. In these initial appearances, Gary will promote you and your web site as part of the Institute. Through these initial appearances, you will develop a personal relationship with the local media, eventually booking interviews for Gary and you together. Gary will critique your joint appearances. The goal is for you to eventually do local interviews on your own, once you understand how to do it effectively.



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