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Our training clients include:

Speaking Resources

Quotes and Agreements

Speaking Quote: A one-page confirmation letter for a speaking engagement. This sample includes a speaking fee, but the same written confirmation should be used for free events.
Sales Speaking Agreement and Guidelines:  This is a short agreement to be used when speaking for free with the opportunity to sell products. For advanced speakers, this agreement includes an optional minimum sales guarantee from the event planner.
Advanced Speaking Agreement:  This short agreement is for paid speaking events that involve travel, deposits, lodging, and recording rights. This is the agreement that Gary currently uses.

Program Preparation

General Preparation:  This is a short questionnaire to be used during a phone call to the speaking event planner for general preparation for ANY speaking engagement so you get the particulars of dress, location, equipment, and so on correct.
Customization Questionnaire:  This is a set of questions to ask event planners and attendees about what they are looking for from the event.
Sample Customization Notes:  This is a sample of notes taken for a real presentation, based upon a review of the basic customization questions.

Strategy Institute Brochure

Institute Brochure:  This is a general brochure about Institute books, live training programs, and on-line training. It is available as a print quality PDF with room to add your organization and name and that can be edited with Adobe Reader.

Training Brochure

Seminar Brochure:  This is a generic brochure about offering seminars on strategy. It is available both as a PDF and as an InDesign file.

File Access Areas

Access areas allow you to both download files and upload files that you develop to share with other trainers.

Graphic File Access  Area

PDF File Access Area

InDesign File Access Area

Word Document File Access Area

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