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Our training clients include:

Steps to Licensing as an Institute Trainer

Do you have what it takes to teach classical front-line strategy to organizations in your area or your field of expertise?

When we started our trainers’ licensing program, we didn’t realize how powerful the concept was (as any of our Master Trainers will tell you). As more and more people all over the world sign up for our programs, we are positioning the Science of Strategy Institute to take the lead in developing worldwide interest in the powerful front-line strategy of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

We license four different types of trainers: (1) Master Trainers, (2) Independent Trainers, (3) Apprentice Trainers, and (4) Internal Trainers (working within a single organization). To better understand their roles, you may want to read this article.

To qualify for either a Master license or an Independent Trainer license, new applicants must have direct experience in both business and professional training. Those who wish to become trainers without such a background can still do so, but they can do so only through a relationship with a Master Trainer, as what we call an Apprentice Trainer. All candidates for Master or Independent training licenses will be required to attend a train-the-trainer event, which will last several days. Since it is in their best interest, all Master Trainers will assist in enlisting more Master Trainers.  

The path to licensing is the same for all.

1. Complete our application (click here) and submit it to us. If we have any questions, we will e-mail them to you.

2. If your training experience qualifies you as an Independent Trainer, Internal Trainer, or, in rare cases, as a Master Trainer, we will accept your application for licensing and send you our first year's licensing agreement. If not, we will refer your application to a Master Trainer in your geographical area as an Apprentice. (At some point in their apprenticeship program, you will be ready for licensing.)

3. When you receive your agreement, its spells out the terms under which you can use and distribute our materials. If you have any questions, we will be glad to answer them. If you want to join the program under the terms of that agreement, you sign it and return it to us.

4. After we receive the agreement,  we send send you a link where you can pay the fee for your first-year license ($1,495).  After paying this fee, you officially become part of our network. You are automatically given access all the presentation materials that we have on our site.  You also get access to all the Strategy School material, including the videos and audios presenting our material. You also get access to our Warrior Class Lessons and its three levels of certification. We also send you our trainer's package, which includes all our books. We also register you for our next trainer-the-trainer meeting.

5. Before you start presenting this material to audiences, you are expected to complete all three parts of Warrior Class training (and any other tested training that we add). You are also expected to read our books, view our videos, listen to our audios to prepare yourself for making presentations and answering question.

6. At the first train-the-trainer event you attend after your registration, we will answer any additional questions you have about our materials or program. We will also give you the opportunity to demonstrate your level of understanding of strategy and your presentations skills. We will also have a one-on-one session where you get our feedback and you set your goals for your first year as a trainer with us.

7. Over time, we want to see you advance your position in our network. On the simplest level, this means doing more presentations, making more money, and moving from Apprentice to Master, but it also means mastering more of our courses material, earning the trust of your fellow trainers, working with larger customers on larger projects, and spending more of your time not only presenting our material but developing courseware in your own areas of strategic interest.



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