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Look for those who can make you better and welcome those whom you can improve. This is reciprocal; men learn when they teach.Seneca

Organizational Overview
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Strategy TrainingSince we want to grow quickly, we have a simple, lean organizational structure with roles for people who come to us in different situations. We define four different roles in the organization.  The Science of Strategy Institute is the publishing organization that provides a central branding and distribution center. The Institute does not do any real training itself. It delivers its products through the trainers in its training network.

In our network, Master Trainers are business owners who operate their local Science of Strategy Institute training branches, offering all our training courses, working with other Masters to develop our materials. They grow in their geographical areas by developing the Apprentice Trainers working with them.

While few people, if any, are capable of acting as Master Trainers on their first day in our network, we want to enlist new trainers as Independent Trainers who open to the possibility of moving up to that position in time. Independents are licensed to present our materials but do not operate formal branch. They are often in a transitional role, moving toward a situation in which they can become a Master. They are not limited by geography, but they also cannot bring in apprentices to work with them. They are also not required to present all our standard courses.

Apprentice Trainers are experience in business and have given presentations as spokespeople, but they are new to professional training. They work under the tutelage of a Master in a given geographical area.

Note: We also license Internal Trainers to use our materials within the organization that employs them. These trainers’ roles are defined by their employing organization, not the Institute. To obtain an Organizational Training License, you simply go through the application process.



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