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The Independent Trainer program is a transitional step to help those currently offering other forms of training to become get involved with our programs. Independent Trainers typically are either already working full- or part-time in professional training or have done so in the past. This role has fewer responsibilities but ideally a growing role in our network.

Like Master Trainers, Independent Trainers are not subsidiaries or franchisees. They work as independent operators (by themselves or in other training operations) using our materials and distributing our products. In most cases, Independent Trainers are learning our material and our program through experience. While not official branches of the Institute, they can represent themselves as licensed trainers.

Independent Trainers don’t necessarily offer all core training sessions and all standard modules, nor do they focus solely on Institute products. They can pick and choose the training products that they offer based upon their knowledge and skill.

Like Masters, Independents “own” their training customers. They are responsible for finding, selling, training, and billing those customers. The Institute may support those efforts by providing leads, but, since most Independents are new to the program, this is less likely than with Masters.

Independent Trainers cannot train other trainers to work as part of their business, nor does the Institute refer Apprentice applicants to them.

Independent Trainers cannot do business under the “Science of Strategy Institute” name, but they can represent themselves as a “Licensed Trainer of the Science of Strategy Institute” and use the logos and materials provided for all trainers.

Independent Trainers must also follow the operational guidelines determined by the Master Trainer Council in order to maintain a consistent, high-quality offering.



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