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Master Trainers operate independent businesses and provide our programs in their local geographical area. They have their own or are partners in a training business when they join us. They are not subsidiaries or franchisees. They are distributors for our products. Master Trainers offer all core training sessions and all standard modules. They focus solely on Institute products.

Master Trainers work with other Master Trainers in developing our courseware. As a Master, they take ownership of certain parts of our courseware and work on developing it. They are required to participate regularly in our Master teleconferences (currently scheduled every two weeks) and contribute articles to the Strategy Journal. Master sell their services under the Science of Strategy brand name and develop our sales presence in their geographic area.

While few if any trainers are capable of acting as a Master Trainer on their first day with our network, we want to enlist new trainers as Independent Trainers who open to the possibility of moving up to masters. We especially want new trainers in areas without an existing master and who have the desire to move toward working full-time as part of our network.

Master Trainers are licensed to use the “Science of Strategy Institute” name with their local designation on their web site, business cards, letterhead, and materials. They can also have their own separate materials, but they cannot use the Science of Strategy logo on that material until it has been approved by the Institute for general use. They must maintain the local contact information, web site, phone book listing, and so on for the Institute. They license the Institute’s brand identity and are required to maintain the brand standards in their operation. Outside the United States, Master Trainers operate a web-based store for selling the Institute’s physical products within their country. They are encouraged to carry both products directly from the Institute and translated Institute products licensed by publishers working in their local language.

Master Trainers find, train, and manage the trainers to work as part of their business. They must make sure that their trainers are properly licensed through the Institute to teach the courses they are assigned. Those who apply to the Institute as Apprentice Trainers are referred to the Master Trainer in their geographical area. Since these trainers are new to training, it is the responsibility of the Master Trainers to mentor them.

Master Trainers (and Independents) “own” their training customers. They are responsible for finding, selling, training, and billing those customers. The Institute can support these efforts by providing leads and “guest appearances” by Gary, but training efforts and training support (other than on-line training) are the sole responsibility of the Trainers, not the Institute.

Master Trainers can be made responsible, at their choosing, for the ongoing development and maintenance of specific standard training modules. Also at their option, Master Trainers can be licensed to translate on-line classes into their local language for inclusion in the Strategy School and receive royalties on all sales of those translated classes.

Other than following the Institute policies for licensing and payment, other policies regarding Master Trainer operations will be determined by the Master Trainer Council, which acts as a representative of the association to maintain the credibility of the network.



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