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Training Sessions

Our training clients include:

Training Products

Our current training material (see Materials) is consists of a few different presentations and workshops. This fall we are fleshing out the program with a series of nine training modules for a more complete course. The training program will include a number of two-hour introductions for different types of audiences, an all-day book camp, and our "everyday"  training modules that are added over time (more on that here).  The additional modules can be given in a day, but they are designed to be split up into two half-day or three evening sessions. In the break between sessions, attendees work on home analysis work and on-line assignments.

Presentations for the 20-minute sales presentation, two-hour introductory presentations, and daylong workshop presentations are currently available. The workbooks for the first eight additional modules (listed below) will be completed soon, with the presentations to follow. However, our method in developing material is additive, that is, we add material but don’t subtract it. This means that we have additional material that doesn’t fit into our current marketing plan—such as keynotes that Gary has used—that are available to trainers as well. You can see them all under Materials on the left sidebar.

Trainers also have all our books, audios, DVDs, and so on to sell, and our publishing resources to help you develop additional your own products. Those are described under Products to Sell on the left sidebar.

Levels of Standard Training Products

Strategic Assessment: As an introduction to an organization, we will be offering two types of measuring instruments. The first establishes the front-line role or strategic impact of people in various positions in the organization. The second measures the strategic skills of those people in various categories. These assessments are inexpensive, costing only about $5 to $7 per employee. 

    Two Hours on the Front Lines of Strategy: A variety of introductory two-hour training sessions will serve as a quick introduction to classical front-line strategy. These sessions are specialized to target specific groups, such as sales, management, and so on. We envision about a half-dozen such programs built on a similar framework. The goal of all these sessions will be to channel people into the day-long core program. These sessions will cost $2,500 in the United States and $2,000-$3,000 in other countries.

    One Day on the Front Lines of Strategy: This is the core workshop, designed to introduce attendees to the key elements of classical front-line strategy analysis and to take them through a series of games and simulations so that they can understand the value of these methods. This core training will cost $5,000 in the United States and $4,000-$6,000 in other countries.

    Every Day on the Front Lines of Strategy: This is our ongoing training program. It consists of a number of modules. The modules combine live training and testing. They are used in conjunction with  the on-line Strategy School sessions.  Each module will consist of about eight hours of additional training.

    Though a module could theoretically be presented in a single day, the modules will be designed to be primarily offered in a 1+1 format, that is, two four-hour presentations a week apart, or a 1+1+1  format of three three-hour presentations offered over three weeks, usually in the evening. The presentations have time in between them to allow students to work through assignments and Strategy School classes. The issues discovered in working through an assignment are discussed in the following session of the module. Any number of modules can be completed in any order by individuals, depending on the needs of their particular job. Each of the eight standard modules will cost $5,000 in the United States and $4,000-$6,000 in other countries. The modules offered initially are as follows:

o   Information and Building Perspective

o   Seeing Opportunities in the Competitive Environment

o   Six Strategic Positions and How to Use Them

o   Advancing Your Position by Failing Safely

o   The Nine Common Strategic Situations

o   The Role of Creativity in Strategic Momentum

o   Claiming a Position to Make Victory Pay

o   Defending Against Competitive Attacks



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