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Our training clients include:

Web Marketing System

A Complete Web for Strategy Trainers: This web  includes a selection of material from both our and web sites. Its pages are designed to promote you, your training products, and your relationship with the Science of Strategy Institute. You are expected to customize this web to your own region/niche market.

As part of this program, you are given the ability to post your insights to the Warrior Class strategy blog (and you are required to do so to progress to the next level).

The web pages in the web marketing package include the following:

  • Header graphic with your own picture and target market, by geographic area or target industry
  • Free Art of War e-book, customized with your contact information, as a giveaway to encourage visitors to join your e-mail list
  • Strategic IQ Test (21 pages) to encourage visitors to join your e-mail list
  • Strategy slide show (30 pages) with Warrior Class discount coupon offer to get visitors to join your list
  • 5 Training Program articles (general, keynotes, sessions, seminars, and workshops), which can be customized for your particular program
  • 5 Power of Strategy articles explaining the benefits of learning Sun Tzu's system, which can be customized to your own area of expertise
  • 2 sample videos, which can be replaced by your own videos when you have them
  • Testimonial page designed for your personal references but already having a number of testimonials for Institute products
  • Speaking references page design for your own speaking references, but initially filled with Institute testimonials and our list of past customers
  • Scrolling JavaScript region showing Institute training customers
  • Scrolling JavaScript region showing award-winning books

Instructions for customizing the package for your own market. Click here to see.

Contact Requirements for the Package

  • Recognize Science of Strategy copyrights
  • Promote the Institute in Institute pages
  • Customize most pages
  • Must link to Institute from pages
  • Must link to the strategy blog as your blog
  • Must link to the Strategy Shop
  • Must maintain memberships to continue use of pages
  • Must share new ideas that work with others in network

List Management System: The above package links to a list management system that will give you not one but three different e-mailing lists. Members are solicited to join each list by three different offers: the free e-book, the discount coupon, and the Strategic IQ Test. You can customize these three offers at any time. You have complete access to the e-mail lists and the ability to e-mail those on your lists at any time.

A list management system is a key part of building your sales funnel. At all your speaking and publicity engagements, you must not only give out your web site address but also give people a reason to visit. The three offers are the three reasons you can use, together or in rotation: get a free e-book, get a discount coupon, take the Strategic IQ Test.

You cannot sell everyone you address, but you want to remain in contact with them forever if possible.

A Shopping Cart With Institute Products: For trainers who don't have their own inventory of products, we offer you trainer links to our Strategy Shop that automatically give you a 10% commission on anything purchased by visitors coming from your sites—not once, but forever. For trainers with their own inventory who want to manage their own cart, we provide you the software, data, and guidance on installing our standard cart and provide the data for Institute products. This is especially valuable for Institute trainers operating outside the United States because the site can be easily tailored to your local language and currency.

Pages of the web package can be easily tailored to either use your affiliate link or point to your own strategy store.

An Affiliate Management System: Affiliate marketing creates a network or pyramid of people who all receive a commission on the sales of Institute products. Members of the Science of Strategy Affiliate Network receive commissions not only on sales to customers they refer directly, but on all sales generated by those "downstream" affiliates. This works down to seven levels. You get 10% on all sales made to your direct customers, 5% on sales to your direct affiliates' customers, 1% of sales to your affiliates' affiliates' customers, etc. 

Join the Affiliate Program now.



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