Learning From Mistakes

A unique model. Our training leverages a fact most trainers overlook: people always learn faster from their mistakes. By making mistakes safely, you learn what doesn’t work and how to position yourself to take advantage of the opportunities that must eventually come your way.

Constant challenges. Our programs use the Socratic method. Often, our trainers ask the key question before the training session so participants can learn how wrong their assumptions can be. This method forces attendees to think and remember lessons better.

The reverse of what people expect. Our method reverses the modern practice of giving a long lesson and then, sometime later, giving a test. In our programs, you are challenged constantly. You are also rewarded constantly, especially when you stand out from the crowd. The purpose of our programs is to teach strategic skills and give people the courage to use them.

Quality guarantee.

At the Science of Strategy Institute, we guarantee your satisfaction with our courses. We want every attendee to recommend the experience to his or her colleagues. If for any reason your organization is not satisfied with any course, our trainers will give you credit toward another course of comparable value or refund the fee in full.